08 September 2011

Arrival in Haiti

Dear friends and families,
We have arrived safe and sound in Haiti! We got to PaP airport at noon and arrived at the hospital (HAS) just after sunset. Immediately we were welcomed by our fellow volunteers who are all very kind. Many of the locals who work at the hospital took us out last night for an annual end of summer festival. So far we've had a wonderful time drinking Prestige the Haitian beer and dancing with friends. Today we woke up early for the daily meeting where physicians discuss the most interesting cases of the last 24 hrs and give presentations. After tour of the hospital and the cholera ward we got settled in the Hangar clinic where physical therapy and prosthetics are located and also where we will be working from. Our first patient, a young woman spoke French so we were able to communicate without a translator. Her phantom pain is intermittent and she took immediately to the mirror! Our first patient and first success.
More to come soon,
-Phantom Outreach

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  1. Right on!!!!! Glad you had immediate success. Can you be more specific about what happened? Dave Peterzell