12 September 2011

In which we spread the word of mirror box therapy

Of all the places we have traveled we have never met people as welcoming and as kind as the ones we have met in Deschapelles. Although we have only been in Haiti just a few days the adventures we have had are numerous. After seeing many patients at the Hanger Clinic on Thursday we took a trip to the local market with a paintings vendor, self-appointed as our guide, who took us beneath tarps and around the maze of shops. Stephan, our guide, then took us to exchange USD into Goudes the local Haitian currency. Next our trip to the barber called Nice Barbershop for Claude, who received about four hair cuts each of which got shorter and shorter until the barber had nothing left to cut. Outside the 6' X 6' barbershop Liz and Nicole sat chatting with the locals. When our guide asks if we know about Haitian coffee, ears perk up. He says he can procure some fresh coffee beans from a woman up in the mountains. He'll roast it himself. We ask if we can watch – “bien sur!” It's raining now heavily and we are walking down the unpaved road to the hospital, walking with new friends— it's only our first full day.

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  1. Nice. Makes me very happy to hear that you were able to venture out...