07 September 2011

Florida to Haiti

Liz, Claude, and Nicole are in Florida preparing for the flight in to Port-au-Prince later this morning.In the parking lot of a Vegas CVS We Tetrised our bags such that all the mirrors fit and nothing had to be abandoned! A small roadblock when a tattered passport bothered an attendant at the front desk of the airline was resolved with persistance and politeness.Now we are sipping coffee and reading our new copy of Lonely Planet's guide to the DR and to Haiti which has just been updated post-quake in its 5th edition and is not yet available in print (you will have to wait until October for the book)but can be purchased by chapter as a pdf on their site.The chapters on Haiti are informative and upbeat. We look forward to immersing ourselves in this vibrant and complex culture.
It is not clear when we will have internet access so hang tight for our next update- our first of many from Haiti.
A plus tard!
-Phantom Outreach

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